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Happy Holidays / Address book support released

Address book synchronization is now available on the release channel. Your installations will update automatically on the next start. On Android, you will need to confirm new permissions.

Happy Holidays! As a special treat for participants of the GeneralSync Beta the address book synchronization feature finally moved into the release channel. On Android, the update requires some new permissions: besides the obvious read/write access for contacts some account-related permissions are required due to the fact that GeneralSync needs to create an additional account for each address book, as Android doesn't support multiple address books per account.

If you need help in using the new features, head over to the documentation page. The content on there has also been updated for the new versions.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or found some bugs: I look forward to hearing from you, either here in the forums or privately via email.

Thanks to all participants of the GeneralSync Beta and a happy new year!

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