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Removal of mandatory license checks

The project's future is still uncertain. To make sure that a potential shutdown of license servers doesn't affect you, you should update to 1.0.5.* soon.

A big thank you to the generous contributors that supported the project by wire transfer! Your support is deeply appreciated, although contributions received so far don't even cover the costs of just the infrastructure.

The project's future remains unclear. That said, the current plan is to try to transition GeneralSync to have a less commercial character, without paid subscriptions or official support. It is not yet decided if the upcoming Thunderbird 102 will be supported or if the current state of the project will be frozen as-is, as significant changes would be necessary to keep up with changes in Thunderbird.

As preparation for some of these changes, the latest version of GeneralSync ( no longer requires an operative license server to unlock sync features, besides some minor improvements. While there are no plans to shut down any servers at the moment, I recommend to update to 1.0.5.* soon to ensure GeneralSync will remain operative throughout future changes of the project.

I will keep you posted on new developments.

Until then: Happy syncing!

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