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Behind the scenes: address books

It's been some weeks since the last announcement, as I'm currently busy working on address book support and some minor improvements. This post is a short summary of what I've been working on to keep you in the loop.

After completing the release of the new Android versions talked about in the last announcement, I worked the Thunderbird integration add-on again. A new version ( was released on the 5th of October: besides fixed bugs the new version features more legible repetition rules in some cases and some internal improvements invisible to end users.

Afterwards, I finalized relevant parts of the address book specification (the technical encoding of address book entries within GeneralSync) and am now in the process of implementing address book support for Thunderbird. Most features are already implemented and tested, but I expect at least another week until it's feature-complete and I can start working on Android. In terms of schedule, I currently expect the feature to be ready for public testing in December.

If you have any issues with or suggestions about GeneralSync, feel free to share them here or through some other channel. Thanks to everyone providing feedback so far!

Happy Syncing!

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