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Emojis and other special characters on Android

An Android bug prevented synchronization after editing or creating an event or contact containing emojis or specific special characters. The issue has been fixed in the latest release ( of GeneralSync for Android. Once the update is installed you need to edit affected entries once to distribute the change to other devices and fix synchronization issues with other entries, if any.

GeneralSync user "belee" reported an issue causing synchronization issues over in the German subforum. The culprit is an internal feature of Android, which sent invalid data to GeneralSync. This causes changes to be stored incorrectly if the changed entry contains special characters outside of the Unicode "Basic Multilingual Plane". Affected characters include emojis, historic scripts, specialized notation symbols (for example musical notation or playing cards) and some additional CJK Ideographs.

The new version changes the way the problematic feature is used and thus works around the Android bug. If you were affected by the issue, you need to edit affected contacts and events once in order for the synchronization to resume normally. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

The update is now available on the release channel, together with the PC version announced in the last announcement.

Happy Syncing!

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