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Maintainance release / Outlook status update

New versions further improve the stability of GeneralSync, and permit contact referrers to be stored and synced on Android. They are currently available through the beta channel, and will become available on the release channel soon. Outlook integration is still in development, it will take some more months until first testing builds are available.

While I'm primarily working on the Outlook integration right now, I fixed various minor issues throughout the last months. These include a broken Thunderbird detection on OSX, device-specific problems when reading calendar or contact data from Android and a crash when trying to edit a broken sync relation on Android. The release also contains updated versions of various libraries used by GeneralSync, and permits contact Apps on Android to set referrers on contacts. As usual, the version is currently available through the beta channel and will become available on the release channel if no major issues come up in the next week(s).

The Outlook integration is making progress, although the fact that Microsoft uses vastly different data formats from the  nicely standardized rest of the world causes various conversion issues I'm currently working through. There are a few hard limitations that will prevent features to be used, such as Outlook not being able to display events repeating more often than daily or GeneralSync not supporting repetition rules aligned to non-Gregorian calendars. In addition, I haven't yet found a good way to permit users to resolve synchronization conflicts from Outlook; documentation on that topic is sparse. Long story short: Outlook is still on its way, but will still take some more months until first public builds are ready.

Thanks to everyone sending feedback and crash reports to far, and of course:
Happy Syncing!

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