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Unexpected file

"GeneralSync hat Probleme erkannt, die zu schweren Problemen bis hin zu Datenverlust führen können. Es wird empfohlen, diese Probleme zu beheben, bevor sie fortfahren.

Unexpeted file:

Unexpeted file:

Unexpeted file:

Clicking "continue" seems to simply start the program, just I cannot check wether it syncs or not.
I believe it might be an update fail (the problem already exists since last week and I checked the that the files have been updated july 14th).
Any idea how to fix it?

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Re: Unexpected file

In general, GeneralSync will display a warning about unexpected files in two situations:

  1. You manually moved files into a folder that is exclusive to GeneralSync. These files may get overwritten by future versions of GeneralSync, so you should move them away.

  2. An update did not delete all files of previous versions. This is usually a sign that the updater terminated unexpectedly, for example due to a security software blocking some parts of the update or due to a crash of the system. The best course of action is then to uninstall GeneralSync and re-install the latest version (this does not affect your data!).

There is a third case for participants of the beta: directly upgrading from version or earlier (April 2020) to or newer (Juli 2020), without performing any update released in between, will cause the message to appear. This is because the mechanism to detect which files belong to GeneralSync was not yet present in earlier versions, so the new updater was unable to determine that some old files are safe to delete.

chfo1983 wrote:

Any idea how to fix it?

In your case, it is likely the third option: you did not install updates between April and Juli 2020, and finally updated to afterwards. In that case, you can safely delete the three files listed in that message.

Alternatively, the issue is automatically resolved by uninstalling GeneralSync and re-installing the latest version.

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