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Outlook now in beta!

When installing GeneralSync, you can now choose to automatically download and install the Outlook Add-in. There's also been an update to the Android app, improving compatibility with modern devices and old calendar apps.

Starting with the recent update, GeneralSync will offer to automatically install the Outlook integration Add-in during the first-run setup. With that, Outlook support leaves the Alpha and finally joins Thunderbird and Android in the public beta. If you have installed GeneralSync in the past, you can follow the manual instructions in the documentation to install the Add-in manually.

In other news, the Android app simultaneously received a major update: GeneralSync will now automatically detect the most common device configuration errors on startup, giving you the option to fix potential issues with a single touch! The new version also fixes some minor issues, for example related to some old calendar apps not properly handling calendars without an email address.

I look forward to you feedback, especially regarding Outlook.
Happy Syncing!

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