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Maintenance releases for Android & Thunderbird

A new version of GeneralSync for Android and of the Thunderbird add-on has been released.

In the last month I had direct contact with some users running into various issues (thanks for contacting me!), and worked on fixing them. As a result, a new version of GeneralSync for Android ( has been published. Besides bugfixes, there is a major visual change: GeneralSync will now display a permanent notification permitting you to open the GeneralSync app. This notification increases the priority of the app and thus prevents Android from killing your sync operations if you run many apps in parallel.

If you don't like the notification and are not running too much things in parallel, you can disable it in the preferences. GeneralSync will then act as it did before the update, just without the bugs. The update will probably hit the release channel early next week.

I also released an update for the Thunderbird add-on ( that fixes an issue when importing *.ics-files containing tasks; if you had issues importing particular files you should try the same files again with the new version.

Support and bugfixing was, however, not my main focus during the last month: I mainly worked on the homepage and a video tutorial to help new users to set GeneralSync up properly. I'm looking forward to landing these changes in approximately two weeks.

Until then, thanks for your interest in GeneralSync and happy syncing!

Update (29.01.2017): has been released and is no longer limited to the beta channel

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