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How to get a fast response: posting guidelines for this forum

Welcome to the GeneralSync Helpdesk!

You're at the right place to get help on any issues involving GeneralSync. Here's the fastest way to do so:

Before posting: use the search feature to search for similar problems and/or consult the documentation hub regarding the feature you're struggling with. Maybe your question has already been answered – in that case you don't need to wait for an response at all!

If existing answers do not solve your problem: log into your GeneralSync account and choose an username for the forums, if you haven't already. Afterwards, describe your issue in a new topic within this forum. You should always post a new topic, even if there is already a topic with a similar problem. Make sure your post answers the following questions:

  • What did you do before the problem occurred?

  • What happened?

  • What did you expect to happen instead?

In addition, make sure you include the following information in your post:

  • A list of involved devices and corresponding sync relations

  • The operating system(s) running on these devices

  • Any used security tools (firewall, antivirus) or apps claiming to improve battery life

  • The version of GeneralSync you're using

  • If you're not using a simple home network, details on your networking infrastructure

  • If you changed the default settings, details on your changed configuration

Here's an example of a good first post of a topic:

I use GeneralSync to sync a calendar between two PCs and a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7.0). The first PC runs Windows 10, Version 1709, the second one Ubuntu 16.04. All devices have full access to all content, and sync bidirectionally with each other device.

While everything worked as expected some days ago, the PCs do no longer seem to receive changes made on the smartphone. Whenever I change an event on the smartphone, the same event remains unchanged on both PCs. Previously, changes would be transferred within a few minutes.

The PCs use GeneralSync, the smartphone I did not install any additional antivirus or firewall applications, nor apps to improve battery life.

Thank you for using GeneralSync!

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