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Updates & Public Alpha for Outlook

If you want to use GeneralSync with Microsoft Outlook, you can now download alpha builds of the GeneralSync Integration Add-in. In addition, maintenance updates were released for the Thunderbird Add-on, the PC application and the Android app: the latter now supports reminders after the event's start date and should work even better on older devices from the Android 4.0-4.2 era.

The first public build of the GeneralSync Add-in for Outlook is available! With the new add-in you can now directly access calendars and contacts synced with GeneralSync from Outlook 2013 or newer. If you installed Outlook with default settings on a recent PC, click here to Download the add-in for Outlook 2013-2016 (32 bit)or here for Outlook 2019 (64 bit). More details on non-default installations are available in the new Outlook guide.

Important: If you want to try the add-in with an existing installation of GeneralSync, note that Outlook might alter events without asking you. This is intentional: for example, Outlook automatically removes reminders for past events.

To use the add-in, you need to install both GeneralSync and the add-in. Your calendars and contacts will then automatically appear in Outlook. If you haven't yet, you can get GeneralSync itself here. Please note that the first run setup of GeneralSync is not yet able to detect your Installation of Outlook – once the Add-in is out of the public alpha there will be automatic installation options similar to Thunderbird's.

In other news, GeneralSync on Android now supports reminders triggered after the event's start date: many modern calender apps for Android support reminders on the whole day the event starts on, some even beyond that. Additionally, the new version fixes some compatibility issues with old devices.

Today's also the release of GeneralSync for PC, delivering various minor improvements mostly related to the Outlook Add-in. And there's one more: earlier this week, the Thunderbird add-in was updated to version, mainly improving Outlook interoperability.

Thanks to everyone providing feedback and error reports so far! Do not hesitate to contact me here or via email if something is not working as expected or you miss a feature.

Happy Syncing!

Edit (2018-10-24): added link to the new documentation.

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