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Invitation Update: install the new version on all devices

The invitation update is now available as automatic update. Contacts and Events created with or edited in the new versions will not be visible on devices that only use an old version of GeneralSync. You should thus install the update on all your devices simultaneously, as is done automatically if you did not alter the default settings.

The invitation update brings lots of new and exciting features to GeneralSync (read the last post for details). The new data structures used are, however, incompatible with earlier versions of GeneralSync. If you're using an old version, it will seem as if edited contacts and events disappear, and new events and contacts will not get displayed at all. They are, however, synced behind the scenes: just install the update and they will (re-)appear.

On Thunderbird, reminders that were previously snoozed may also reappear after the update. You can simply snooze them again if necessary. The issue is caused by GeneralSync rebuilding your calendars to include invitation support, and thus does not persist.

If the update should not go as planned or if there are any issues with GeneralSync, feel free to contact me. Speaking of feedback: Together with the website update to include the new features in the documentation, I also added a feedback link to the account status page. If you haven't yet participated in the beta survey, I'd welcome your feedback there.

Happy Syncing!

How to manually check if you're on the latest version:

  • GeneralSync Application on PC: the version number is displayed in the section 'Troubleshooting' section in GeneralSync's preferences.

    After installing the invitation update, the displayed version should be (or later).

  • GeneralSync Application on Android: the version number is displayed on startup and in Android's system settings (Category 'Apps').

    After installing the invitation update, the displayed version should be (or later).

  • Thunderbird Integration Add-on: the version number is displayed in the Add-on-manager (Menu|Add-ons or Tools|Add-ons), after clicking 'more' on the add-on titled 'GeneralSync Integration'.

    After installing the invitation update, the displayed version should be (or later).

Edit (2018-08-20): Another update has been released: versions (Android) and (Thunderbird) fix a rare issue with monthly or yearly repeating events that were created with an old version. When installing these versions, Thunderbird and Android will rebuild your calendars / address books again, even if you installed the previous version. This is necessary to fix the recurrence rules of these events. It is thus again possible that snoozed reminders will re-appear on Thunderbird a second time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit (2018-08-21): The update for Android fixes an issue that sometimes prevented events and contacts created by an earlier version from being edited.

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