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Importing calendars on Android & maintenance release for PC

New versions for PC ( and Android ( are available. On PC, you'll be offered to update upon the next start of GeneralSync; the Android release is only available through the beta channel until later this week.

The update fixes various minor issues, and introduces a brand-new feature on Android: you can now import calendars managed by other apps into any writable calendar. This is especially useful for users of offline calendar apps without an export function.

As some cloud services do not sync all old events on your device, the import feature might not import all events for cloud-based calendars: to prevent this issue, export your calendar from the cloud and import it through Thunderbird.

You can access the new feature through the dashboard: open GeneralSync, tap on the calendar to import into, then use the three dots in the action bar to bring up the menu. In the menu, select "Import..." to bring up a list of all calendars you can import from, select one, and hit "Import". The import may take some minutes, depending on the speed of your device and the size of the calendar you're trying to import.

I'm currently in the process of testing the import feature in various configurations, until then the Android update is only available if you explicitly select the beta channel in the license manager. I expect general availability for later this week, unless some major bugs come up.

Update (28.09.2016): while testing, I discovered incompatibilities with old Android versions independent of this change, and a bug on PC related to that. Fixed versions ( for PC and for Android) are now available on the beta channel.

Update (30.09.2016): the import feature is now available on the release channel, along with a new feature to set the calendar color on Android (

Happy Syncing!

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