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Android Maintainance release

An update to the GeneralSync Android app is now available on the beta channel, fixing an issue where not all address books were visible in the import dialog.

Thanks to everyone sending in crash reports and feedback, the new version contains various minor improvements. Most notably, I identified and fixed an issue with some third-party contact providers: depending on the contact provider, some or all address books maintained by that provider were previously invisible in GeneralSync.
As always, the new version will remain in the beta channel for some days, before it is available in the regular update channel.

On the current development branch GeneralSync now properly deals with event attendees, and I'm working on accompanying changes for address books as well, including custom-formatted phone numbers. Once that is done, GeneralSync is finally feature-complete regarding Thunderbird and Android! But more on that in one of the next announcements...

Happy Syncing!

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