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Thunderbird 60 Compatibility

The Thunderbird add-on has been updated again in order to improve compatibility with the upcoming Thunderbird 60. The update also contains various improvements regarding calendar imports.

The latest Thunderbird beta (60.0b5) contains a new user interface for contact images; related changes in the backend required the GeneralSync Integration Add-on to get updated as well. The updated version is available for download, and will be distributed as automatic update in some days.

The release also contains various improvements regarding calendar import. For example, GeneralSync will now attempt to guess an appropriate timezone if the calendar was exported by Outlook or another application not using standard timezones.

Happy Syncing!

Edit (2018-06-23): With the latest beta versions of Thunderbird, the internal structure of the Lightning add-on has changed. An adapted version of the GeneralSync integration add-on is now available as automatic update (

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