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Java 10 compatibility on Windows / Status update

A new version of GeneralSync for PC is now available in the beta channel. Besides minor fixes, its installer is now compatible with Java 10. Existing installations should work with Java 10 even without the update. An update for the Thunderbird Add-in will be rolled out in a few days, mainly adding compatibility for the upcoming Thunderbird 60.

The GeneralSync Windows installer for Versions prior to do not properly detect installations of Java 10. The new version is now available on the beta channel, and will become available in the default release channel within the next days. Besides the new installer, there are only a few minor bug fixes.

Thanks to elsie for reporting this issue. In addition, I want to thank everyone who took the GeneralSync beta survey. Your responses help me to prioritize the large projects I'm currently working on, and have helped to identify some common issues that might be fixable with changes in the user interface. The survey continues to be open: if you haven't yet participated, you are encouraged to do so!

Speaking of large projects: based on feedback from the survey, I have started prepare support for invitations and attendee tracking in Thunderbird and Android. As invitation emails are specified for centralized environments, GeneralSync will need to combine various techniques to make sure that invitations are properly processed across multiple devices. I thus cannot yet estimate when the new feature will be available for testing.

The groundwork is, however, laid out: while working on the Outlook Add-in, I have collected data about how invitations are handled in various applications, what metadata GeneralSync will have to process and how invitation tracking interacts with conflicts and other GeneralSync-specific situations.

The Outlook Add-in itself continues to take shape; however, it is still not sufficiently stable for everyday use. I plan to release the Outlook integration with full invitation support from the start, so I cannot give more concrete estimates for Outlook either.

There is, however, one concrete release I can announce: the Thunderbird Add-on has been updated for Thunderbird 60, and will be rolled out in a few days. If you can't wait, you can also download the new version immediately.

Happy Syncing!

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