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Hello World: GeneralSync is now in public beta!

After over four years of preparations, I'm proud to finally announce the start of the public beta for calendar synchronization. You can now sign up for your GeneralSync account and download GeneralSync for free!

It all started in 2011, after getting my first smartphone. I was thrilled: a phone with the capabilities of a PDA, supporting connections to my PC without expensive adapters! But while it worked perfectly for entertainment, it lacked support for my calendar: synchronization solutions either required me to upload all events to the cloud, therefore invading my privacy, or were limited to two devices and required insecure configurations. I wanted to sync Android's calendar securely with Thunderbird / Lightning on both Laptop and PC, thus I started to develop what's now called GeneralSync besides the last months of school.

My vision was an abstract platform for synchronization, automatically and decentrally keeping any kind of data in sync on my local network. I hoped to finish said platform until my first term at university in 2012 – obviously, I seriously underestimated the workload. But while studying, I continued to find some spare time here and there to finish the core and calendar support, finally enabling me to privately use it since early 2014. Since then I finalized the calendar features and improved the user interface, and started to work out all the legal issues of releasing it to the world. I graduated, too.

Now, after alpha- and beta-testing GeneralSync with friends, I finally consider GeneralSync ready for the public: it's your turn now! With GeneralSync you can sync calendars directly using your local network – your data never leaves your devices. Most calendar apps for Android are compatible with GeneralSync, while on PC there's currently only support for Mozilla Thunderbird. Extensions for other applications (Outlook, …) and support for other content types (address books, …) are in development.

If you run into issues or have questions about GeneralSync, do not hesitate to contact me, for example by opening a new thread on the helpdesk. Of course, I'd also be interested in suggestions and other feedback smile

Happy Syncing!

Oh, and one last thing: if you're interested in new features and similar things, you can subscribe to @GeneralSync on Twitter and/or this subforum (also available as feed).

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