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Deletion of this Forum / Future roadmap

Throughout the coming months, GeneralSync's homepage will be simplified to no longer include interactive elements like this forum. All accounts and associated data will be deleted. The future of GeneralSync as a product is still uncertain, but no matter the outcome I'm grateful for everyone that supported me this far!

While I'm grateful for the support I received it is now clear that donations cannot sustain the project. I'm thus continuing to scale down throughout the coming months:

  • Outlook support is deprecated, but will likely continue to work without updates as long as you stay on the same major version of Outlook. I will try to keep the latest installation files available on the GeneralSync website.

  • The GeneralSync forums will be removed. While I might retain a backup of forum posts, I encourage you to download any forum posts that are important to you.

  • All GeneralSync accounts will be deleted once the website's login functionality is no longer necessary. I will not retain any copies of the private information that was associated with accounts, such as email addresses, PGP keys or cryptographic data to verify passwords.

  • Error reporting will be removed from GeneralSync, as I don't review error reports anymore.

  • Thunderbird 102.* remains supported until its EOL later this year, I hope to find a way to support the upcoming Thunderbird 115, but it does not look like there is an easy way to achieve this at the moment; the accumulated technical debt within the add-on is quite high. I hope to be able to spend about a week of full time work on the project in addition to the usual maintenance / bookkeeping, but not yet sure how far that will get me.

As before, I'm happy to accept financial contributions to motivate me. A huge thanks to everyone that supported me so far – while donations did not even cover my expenses, they did go a long way to motivate me to not completely drop GeneralSync.

Happy Syncing!

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