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Question about Pricing

Dear Dirk,

hearing about generalsync really made my day because at that time one of our customers had problems with google calender sync. To get along with a tool that features privacy was especially on this one a really good news.

Since you divide in commercial and non-commercial users I would like to know how

- governmental customers
- educational customers
- non-profit associations

are treated.

Kind regards

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Re: Question about Pricing

The distinction into only two categories is based on the survey responses during the beta. For all legal details, you can read the full legal texts of all license variants here. As a rough guideline: non-commercial use cases of natural persons are usually covered by a personal license, everything else requires a commercial license. Commercial licenses also include personal use, so you can safely use commercial licenses if you're unsure whether or not your situation qualifies for a personal license.

For your concrete questions:

chfo1983 wrote:

- governmental customers

There are no special considerations for governments and other authorities, so usually the regular commercial licenses will apply.

chfo1983 wrote:

- educational customers

Students are almost always covered by a personal license. Even for students whose sole motivation to study is commercial gain (better job, promotion, etc.), the act of studying itself is usually private and non-commercial.

Teachers and other staff require a commercial license if they use GeneralSync directly for their work (for example, a license purchased through the institution to sync data between staff), but could of course use a personal license to sync devices in their private life (for example their personal smartphone and home PC).

chfo1983 wrote:

- non-profit associations

If the association itself purchases GeneralSync licenses, it would need a commercial license (as it is not a natural person). That being said, its members may be able to use personal licenses purchased individually, with their own money.

For example, using a shared GeneralSync calendar in a nonprofit club would be covered if each user holds an independent personal license for GeneralSync: personal licenses do not restrict where you can use them, as long as it's for private and non-commercial purposes.

I hope that cleared up how the division into commercial and private licenses works.

If the current licensing model does not work for a particular situation you had in mind, contact me privately with more details about the situation.

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