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GeneralSync leaves the beta

GeneralSync finally leaves the beta phase! As introductory offer, you can now subscribe to GeneralSync at a permanently discounted rate.

During the last years, GeneralSync was able to mature to a stable tool, invisibly syncing data in the background. The feedback, error reports and ideas from the participants of the open beta made that possible. Thanks to everyone that was involved!

Starting now, you will be able to purchase subscriptions for GeneralSync. As special introductory offer, commercial licenses start at only 2,99 € / 3,49 USD per month and user or device: you can freely choose how to divide your licenses across users (including all their devices) and devices (including all their users).

Determining fair prices for personal users is, however, difficult: it would be terrible to force users to use 'free' cloud services paid with personal data just because they are in a economically dire situation. On the other hand, GeneralSync can only survive with sufficient cash flow – so it is essential that users pay a fair price. To solve this conundrum, I took a leap of faith: personal users can freely choose how much they pay. Select whatever amount you consider fair: support the project if you share its vision and can afford it, or pay less if you can't. This model relies on trust, and will thus certainly get exploited – at least by some people. Still, I'm optimistic that GeneralSync's userbase at large will be up to the task. smile

If you were a part of the beta, you should receive an email with a link to upgrade your license key today. If not, please make sure that your GeneralSync account has up-to-date contact information. Accounts without any valid email address will get removed soon.

Happy Syncing!

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