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Thunderbird 78 Support

GeneralSync now supports the Thunderbird 78 in addition to Thunderbird 68, which is expected to remain supported until September 2020.

The upcoming Thunderbird 78 branch will contain many improvements, such as built-in support for calendars and PGP-encrypted emails. Due to technical reasons, however, it will also remove the old add-on interface, causing most existing add-ons to become incompatible, including the existing GeneralSync integration add-on.

Once you upgrade to Thunderbird 78, you will thus be asked to confirm the installation of a new GeneralSync integration add-on. If that automatic process fails for some reason, you can also install it manually by following the instructions in the guide. Until you install the new add-on, you will not be able to access content managed by GeneralSync.

Due to the massive changes required to port an add-on to Thunderbird 78, it is expected that many add-ons will not yet be available when 78.0 is released later this week – if you rely on add-ons other than GeneralSync and Lightning (whose functionality is now available without an add-on), I encourage you to make sure that updated add-ons are available before upgrading. Once you started Thunderbird 78 for the first time, it is not easily possible to go back to a previous version.

Thunderbird 78 will initially not be available as automatic update – if you don't actively install it, you will continue to receive security updates for Thunderbird 68. Thunderbird 68 is expected to get security updates until September 2020 – during that time it will also remain officially supported with GeneralSync.

If you want to re-install GeneralSync on a PC with Thunderbird 68, use version or later (released today). If you use earlier versions, you will need to manually install the add-on.

Happy syncing!

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